Riri inspired OOTD


This outfit is inspired by Rihanna, this look is perfect for girls who loves to be sporty and different sometimes, every girl gets bored wearing ‘girly’clothes everyday sometimes, ‘change’ is all what we need! For me it’s a complete mood swagger!! So today’s look is inspired by the bad girl and street style so let’s show off the bad boy you have within!! As I had a movie outing with my husband and his boy’s gang I wanted to look boyish to get along with the group well, ripped jeans was a must! Trust me my eyes are always searching for a pair of good ripped jeans and finally after months of hard work I got this bad boy in, in-orbit mall! And the best part it was on sale! And the t-shirt was made specially for me in London! Just kidding my guy got it from there! Strange na American flag t-shirt in London! so I wore a ripped jeans with a loose fitted American flag t-shirt and accessorised well. As the look is boyish I made my point to wear snickers and a Nike bag for that complete sporty look, as riri always wears dark lipstick I wore a dark pinkish red. I opted for open hair as it was going well the look. 


As some of you may have doubts about a classy pursue or a Nike bag, pursue are worn everyday so skipping some things some times is the only way to get good compliments! 😉 I only wear clothes which are comfortable as a comfortable women is a confident happy women! The jeans is super soft, loose and comfy, so this outfit was perfect for the movie outing! 

      Makeup details:

  • BB cream- ponds 
  • Lipstick- Mac 
  • Eyeliner- loreal


      Outfit details:-

  • T-shirt from- London mall 
  • Jeans from- ONLY 
  • Shoes from- puma 
  • Bag from- Nike 
  • Bracelet from- street style Phoenix mall
  • Watch- designer brand 
  • Beauty from- mummaaaa 😜☺️

 Hope this looks inspires you to be that bad girl, thanks for reading! 

With love XOXO


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