5 tips for soft beautiful hands 

Winter is coming and its our hands which face trouble. As hands tend to become dry and dark, that’s because the natural moisture of the hands strips off as the hands are in the water most of time. As we women’s have tons of work at home and are exposed to harsh detergents the skin on our hands tents to become ruff and dry and hard as a rock! And it’s really unattractive. So, today I’m gonna be giving you few tips for softer beautiful hands! As we work a lot we need some care too, so stop being lazy and and do yourself a favour! 

1. Lemon and sugar scrub:-
Lemon is just like a wonder fruit, filled with fullness and vit-C. Lemon is in every beauty regime, it’s a excellent cleanser and has natural bleaching properties, take 1 spoon of sugar and 1 lemon juice then apply the mixture on your hands and rub well atleast for a minute or two, then use the lemon slice as a scrubber and rub along your cuticles and nails, trust me all the dirt filled in the nails will disappear and your nails will be whiter as mostly people have turmeric stained nails as some eat by fingers, use the lemon all over your hands and wash it normally without soap you will immediately notice softer cleaner hands, add this tip in your daily beauty routine for best results.

2. Stalk body shop:-
Keep a close eye on bodyshop’s season sale! Just kidding, use body shop’s-body butter they have excellent butters and are very moisturising, the fragrance I don’t even need to talk about it, they smell heavenly and the best part they have different fruity and flowery flavours to choose from. They even have special hand creams. But I always prefer body body as it can be used all over the body. 


  3. Malai treatment:-

This tip is going to be a huge disappointment to malai lovers, as milk in a necessity in every Indian kitchen this tip is real simple for ladies who have extremely busy life! You need a spoon and that’s it, as milk forms cream once it’s cooled down, grab a spoon remove that malai throw it on your hand and rub-rub-rub for atleast 2 min then wash it out with plain water, you need to do this every day if you want your love to kiss your hands like a princess! (Remember whether you have ruff hands or soft your gonna be your moms princess anyway) 

4. Boroline:- 

Boroline is an antiseptic cream and is the market since ages, it contains intense moisturising properties. It’s similar to Vaseline petroleum jelly. it may be really sticky but it makes the skin soft, it can be used on hands, lips, cracked heels etc, it’s really good for winters. 

5. Protect your hands:-
As detergents can strip off your hands natural oil and making it dry and hard, applying creams is not enough you need to protect it from everyday harm and hence its important to use ‘hand gloves’ while dish washing and washing clothes. 


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