5 tips for long healthy hair

Hair is defined as a women’s beauty, hairstyle has the ability to change one’s look, that’s why women’s carefully chooses her hairstyle, but hair texture also needs to be smooth, soft and shiny. Today I’m gonna tell you my secrets, and grandma’s tips to attain long, shiny and healthy hair. Nothing comes for free! a little care is required, after all, hard work always pays off!! 


 As we live in a busy life we sometimes ignore our hair and leave them unwashed, our scalp emits oils, when we travel/go out or even at home the dirt is attracted to oil, which makes the scalp dirty. That is why it is important to comb regularly to balance the oils to the entire hair, also we need to wash hair or 3-4 times a week, to clean our scalp well. The cleaner the better. But always remember not to wash hair daily or excessively. 



As our mothers always taught us to oil, they can never go wrong, oiling as an important step and cannot be ignored. It gives the hair the required amount of moisture and shine. It makes the hair stronger and promotes hair growth although it’s not proven scientifically that it can grow new hair but atleast it gives the moisture and shine we desire. Oil atleast once or twice a week for longer, stronger and healthy hair. ( mix olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil in equal quantity apply at night let it stay over night wash it in morning for best results.)


3) Say NO to heat: 

 Heat damages our hair it’s important to cover your hair if your going in the sun for a long period, also straightening machine/curling/blow-dry can be harmful for the hair. If you and serious enough for healthy long hair then girl give up your weapons!!  


4) go down to earth:

Chemicals can never make your hair good, it will only make it weak and will cause hair fall, avoid chemicals as much as you can, and opt for herbal shampoo which has much less chemicals and nourishes your hair. I use shymala herbal shampoo also I reviewed about it you can have a look. 


Oiling is good but it’s not enough for your hair, as the body needs variety of foods to run well so does the hair, your hair needs protein which can be attained thorough egg as it is a rich source of protein. It also makes your hair softer and smoother. Every hair care routine is incomplete without amala its nourishes the hair from root to tip, avoids dandruff and also gives that healthy shine and Reduces hair fall as these days every girl as this issue including the writer. Shikakai is also the ingredient I use it also has similar nourishing properties as amala. Rita is excellent hair cleaner, it’s really good for hairfall, and dandruff. So we need to make a paste of all the ingredients and apply it on hair. Lemon is also a must and cleans the scalp and is filled with vita-c just like amala however amala has a lot more then lemon. But still I always use lemon in this recipe 

1 egg, Amala powder, shikakai powder, Rita powder, lemon 

Take a large bowl and place 1 egg in it then add 2 table spoon amala powder, 2 table spoon shikakai powder, 2 table spoon reetha powder and half lemon juice. Mix it well for few minutes and and make a thick paste add more powder accordingly to make it a thick consistency, avoid making it too thick as it will be difficult to spread it all over your hair. Apply the paste on ur hair roots and on your hair ends. Let the mixture stay for about 40-50min then wash it with a mild shampoo but (before you apply this mixture on your hair; oil it in night and DO NOT wash your hair in morning then apply this paste and wash it according to the mentioned time) 


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